Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Queens Other Crown

You may have noticed that there was one person missing from my Royal Wedding post yesterday. Yup, there was no mention of the Queen. Please don't take this to mean I don't like the queen, quite the opposite, I felt she deserved a post all of her own.

So here it is. The Queens wedding hat. Bookmakers in Britain were in tears as the queen emerged in her daffodil yellow hat with David Williams of Ladbrokes saying:

"The gamble on the colour of the Queen's hat was epic. We've shelled out a King's ransom."

The firm had been offering 10/1 about Her Majesty sporting a yellow hat. Those odds collapsed to just even money before the bookies suspended the market earlier this week.

We have of course seen Queenie in this colour before which isn't surprising as it matches her complexion very well and is perfect for springtime in Britain.

While I do love this colour and the understated silk roses on Queenies hat I must say that overall I didn't like it so much (can I still be locked in the tower of London and have my head chopped off for saying that?). It's not so much that it is a bad hat, it is the lack of natural shape in the hat that really doesn't do it for me, I find it to be strangely box like and very flat. What makes it worse however is that we have seen Her Maj in so many beautiful hats in the past that this stands out as a lone dud. I feel the yellow hat with purple flowers on above would have been a much better choice for the day and is much more flattering to the Queen's face shape.

Not wanting people to judge our wee Queenie on this hat alone I have put together a selection of pictures of her rocking hats from the past proving she can wear big brims, small brims, strong colours, pastels, flowers and feathers. A true Queen of hats.

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