Monday, July 29, 2013

Rain...How I love you...

The last few days here in Sapporo the heavens have opened and drowned my little garden, I have never been so happy.  I am sure that one of the most common reasons for people moving abroad is to run away from the British weather but after a month of crazy heat and humidity, humidity and more humidity I have never been so relieved to wake up to Scottish dreich and drizzle.

That is not to say that the humidity has gone away and here my wardrobe stumbles.  Wearing a raincoat in any form of humidity is like walking around in a portable sauna and if you wear a skimpy top underneath to compensate you end up feeling like a PVC wrapped gimp, not nice (personal opinion, that may be your thing).

I have always been too lazy to carry an umbrella never mind when I am hot and bothered and I am bound to leave it in the first place I sit down so this weekend I am going hunting for a rain hat, hopefully one like the picture above as rain and getting to dress up like Captain Birdseye is my idea of a good day :)

Some other options:

In other news my mum went on holiday just as I ran out of teabags and I am now entering my second week of life sans Tetley.  Dandelion tea is a poor substitute so all please feel free to drop some teabags in the post, much appreciated (unless it is Liptons).

This tea is green and has c**p floating in it, do they know who I am?

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Leather Hats?

When I think of leather I think Jim Morrison's trousers.

When I think leather evening wear I think Angelina Jolie's dress.

When I think leather hats I think guy from the Village People.

Where am I going with this I hear you question.  Well it seems that the Village People's rein over the leather hat is about to end as this week I have been flooded by images of leather hats...really nice ones.

Nero Bianco

Head Mistress Boutique

Jill and Jack Millinery

Pooka Queen

The Little Hat Shop

Greer McDonald Hats

Hello Sweet Leigh

jasmin Zorlu

Rachel Shortt

The Millinery Shop

Jill and Jack Millinery

Maybe its because younger ladies are wearing hats more, maybe its because milliners are taking inspiration from the MET ball's punk theme or maybe its just because we can and its pretty but it seems that this Autumn is going to be awash with leather hats.  

What do you guys think, Yay or Nay?

Thursday, July 4, 2013

4th Of July

Happy Independence Day to all my lovely American customers, family and buddies.

I have never been in the states over the 4th of July but I imagine lots of parties and people looking like this.

A quick google search however tells me that Martha Stewart became owner of this holiday many years ago and so lots of you will be heading to swanky garden parties and cocktail soirees...i'm jealous.

This of course gives you a wonderful reason to wear a patriotic hat.  Have fun :)

I know it's a doll but it's also one hell of an outfit!


Beth Hirst Millinery

Judy Bentinick

Maynard Millinery

Rose Patricia Millinery


Pool Party?