Thursday, June 2, 2011

Wedding hats!

I'm Back...finally.
Sorry for the prolonged silence but I am finally (but briefly) back on my side of the world and fighting with, what feels like never ending, jet lag.

My trip home was everything I was hoping it would be with an amazing millinery course taught by the unbelievably talented Rose Cory, several meetings with stylists (I will keep you posted on the results of these meetings) and of course the main event...the family wedding.

Congrats go out to the newly-wed Mr and Mrs who are soaking up the sun in Mexico as I type. The chapel was gorgeous as was Rhona, the food lovely and the music and dancing good enough to leave me with ceilidh arm for over a week! (for those that don't know, ceilidh arm is an injury caused by over enthusiastic cousins performing something similar to an arm wrestle but using the upper arm while dancing to traditional Scottish music. Look up strip the willow on you tube and you will understand).

For all you hat lovers out there below I have posted some of the hats on show on the day starting with the fabulous hat worn by Mother of the Bride Auntie Chris. Apologies go out to AuntieLinda who was sporting a gorgeous big hat but seemed to disappear at photo time so I can't show you it, but for the record it was fab!

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