Friday, July 8, 2011

Avant Garde Millinery

Milliners of Etsy are having a new contest within the group to design an avant garde hat with a nautical theme. The contest will be judged by the very talented Australian milliner Richard Nylon who's millinery and work ethic are challenging long held millinery ideas.

"Millinery is not a dying art it's a living art. What I don't like about millinery is this: oh this is the way Madame such and such did it in Paris in 1924 and therefore we have to do it. No, no, no, no, no what we do is we do what works and I'm sure if Madame whatever her name was in Paris in 1924 had super glue she would have used it. Modern milliners have to use what they have got but they have to embrace new materials too."

With this ethos in mind I went hunting the internet for avant garde fashion to use as inspiration and ended up stumbling upon my new favourite designers.

The first, Guo Pei, I have mention before in coverage of Beijing fashion week. Guo started out making making costumes for the Chinese Theatre and this has spilled over into his runway creations making him, in my opinion, the gold encrusted Chinese brother of Alexander McQueen.

The second is Swedish fashion designer Sandra Backlund who started her own label in 2004. I love wool therefore immediately fell in love with Sandra's sculptured wearable art. In 2007 she won the festival International De Mode et De Photographie at Hyeres and was selected by Franca Sozzani of Vogue Italia for the Protege Project in 2008. Love love love!

Chances of me pulling off a gold sculptured knitted nautical hat...not so sure?

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