Wednesday, September 21, 2011

London Fashion week spring/summer 2012 Millinery round up

A rare glimpse of colour and sparkle thanks to Fashion East
my favourite dress on show so far

We are now in day 5 of London fashion week and I must say I am decidedly underwhelmed.  On the upside it seems that us girls don't need to be counting how many mince pies we munch over the Christmas holidays as the majority of clothing on show has adopted the Japanese big and shapeless style.  The down side is the amount of beige and white being walked down the London streets.  Not everyone, I admit, as there have been flares of oranges, more mustard yellow and occasional shiny things to keep me happy but I imagine the lines that make it in to the shops are going to leave the average woman looking like a chiffon potato sack.  I can only hope that the little glimpses of very funky and bright African prints that have poked their heads up will be carried through to more designers Autumn/winter collections.

On the hat side things have been varied and at times chaotic with what seems to be either a great appreciation of all hat types or a simple lack of coordination throughout collections.

This wide brimmed fedora from Ashish doesn't wow much but I have listed it first as I love the dress and more importantly the flowers stuck in the boots!

Paul Smith followed suit staying safe with a simple fedora though he gets extra points for using more interesting colours.

Whereas Jaeger appears to have taken inspiration from Queenies wedding topper and gone with the stiff and boxy look.

PPQ tried to revamp the trusty fedora by adding a bonnet ribbon chin strap and lone ranger mask.  Not sure if this will catch on though?

Caroline Charles was out in hatty force with nearly every model either donning the love child of a bowler and a boater (I'm not being mean I just cant think of another way to describe it.  I think thy make the whole outfit look very chic) or a wide brimmed straw sun hat worn as a necklace. While Erdem tried to make the boater a little more delicate and feminine with this lace version of the classic male sports hat.

John Rocha added some much needed fun and theatre into the week with his collection of fluffy rag dresses topped with wire and lace mohawks and halos.

While Giles took the prize for biggest hat with these feather swan creations.  A+ for effort but I must say I prefer the bug glasses to the hats.

Unique and Julien Macdonald seemed to be on the same page with half the models sporting painted hair (gold for unique, white and Red for Macdonald)  with the other half in military inspired caps.

While Marios schwab sporadically had models in military caps, over sized sun hats and head scarfs with seemingly no rhyme nor reason.

And Vivienne Westwood appeared to be working her way through the encyclopaedia of head wear though the emphasis was clearly on really big hair which makes me question do overstated wigs like this count as hats?

But the biggest surprise for me had to come from Burberry.  That's right, the label that did this to UK fashion...

put out what I think is the nicest collection so far with deep colours, funky prints, vintage waistlines and hemlines and cute hats to top it all off.  Here's hoping the neds don't hijack this trend too.

Apparently I'm not the only one who thinks so as I just got sent this cartoon from the lovely people at Vogue.

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