Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I'm back...again, I know

So all (9) of you dedicated followers of my blog will have noticed a long spell of absence and I am sure have been more than a little worried about where I could possibly be, fear not, I have returned.  Once more fighting jet lag and my apparent lack of immune system I am back bundled up in my little paper house here in Niigata after a month long visit back to the ever beautiful Scotland.  What was I doing for a whole month I hear you cry...soooooo much.

First I must send congrats out to the new Mr and Mrs Scott who tied the knot on November 26th and threw an amazing party with lots of long missed friends to celebrate.

The bride looked stunning in a HUMONGOUS dress with lots of lace and beading and topped off with a wee Aka Tombo number of lace and pearls.

Other Aka Tombo hats to make an appearance were on the heads of myself with a leopard print number and the lovely Miss Thoms who was sporting a very Mad Men style navy blue get up.

Yes that is Miss Thoms with my gorgeous hubby in his Samurai outfit.  He is so pretty I am going to throw in another completely unnecessary photo of him all dolled up.

I didn't however spend the whole month partying, there were trips to the tweed mill in Harris, hat sales in Glasgow, Visits to London and a photo-shoot on Loch Lomond which will be covered in much more detail over the coming days but until then I will give you some sneak peeks at what is to come.

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