Thursday, January 5, 2012

Steven Tyler

The ever beautiful Steven Tyler is apparently engaged to his lady of 7 years, Erin Brady, or maybe not, nobody is really sure if he was joking or not.

In my world there are normal people, faeries, dragons, gods and such like, then Steven Tyler and Dolly Parton.  I can only hope that one day the two may come together and create the most vocally talented, beautiful child ever to grace the earth, and imagine the wardrobe!!!!

You may think that they are getting a little too old for this to realistically happen but then you would be assuming that Dolly and Mr Tyler are mere mortals like us when all the evidence is proving that they are actually some form of fey folk slowly reverting back to their true riddler selves and thus immortal.

Engaged, immortal, faery or not Mr Tyler is amazing and very fun to look at especially when rocking the hell out of a hat!

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