Friday, March 2, 2012

Oscar Gowns, Eco but Hatless

So the Oscars have come and gone in a flurry of chiffon and silk (I know I am a bit late but I live in Japan, it takes a while for things to make it this far round).

Out of all the dresses on show my favourite was that of Kelly Osbourne who, although I wasn't loving her hair, looked gorgeous in feminine 1920s elegance, not too much flesh on show and not too much bling makes this the dress I would most like in my wardrobe.

I also loved the cape that Gwyneth Paltrow was wearing, I seriously think capes should be worn at all times.

And I loved how chic yet funky Glen Close looked in her dress and jacket, a look I hope is adopted by mothers of the bride the world over. 

A special shout out however has to go to all those who participated in the Green Carpet Challenge.

We believe in fashion as a great communicator. The fashion we communicate promotes social justice, environmental integrity and brilliant design.

Started in 2009 when Livia Firth (wife of Oscar winner Colin Firth) was challenged by her friend Lucy Siegle to wear eco friendly fashion to the worlds top red carpet events, three years on and the Green Carpet Challenge has been taken to nearly every major film event in the world, gained support from designers and actors alike and moved in to the field of ethical jewellery with Livia wearing the first ever fairtrade, ecologically certified gold and responsibly sourced gemstones. 

This year saw Livia wearing a Valentino dress made from recycled polyester and plastic bottles, while the King of last year's Oscars donned his Tom Ford tux for the second year running.  Supporting Actor nominee Kenneth Branagh and Leading Actor nominee Demian Bichir were both wearing eco friendly non mulesed wool suits and Natalie Portman donned a vintage Dior gown meaning she gets to join the Eco gang by virtue of recycling.

But the critics choice award without a doubt goes to the gal of the evening Meryl Streep who not only got crowned Queen of the Oscars but came dressed like the man himself in a shimmering gold Grecian gown with an Eco friendly cherry on top.

But this isn't a pretty dress blog (well ok sometimes it is) it is a hat blog and so I must ask why none of the ladies decided to add a little extra to their outfit in the form of a hat.  Maybe it is because the Oscars is an inside, evening event.  Maybe it's because people think their hat may obscure the view of the person sitting behind them but just in case its because they think hats don't go with evening gowns I have rounded up some of the best examples to give the ladies confidence in the idea that hats and gowns look amazing!  Her's hoping next years Oscars will be more millinerytastic.

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