Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Milliners to the Royals - Gina Foster

Millinery at heart is a trade and like all the old trades it has felt the breath of Hades more than once.  This has meant that only a few ridiculously talented milliners have managed to survive and pass their skills on to us millinery newbies.  This however means that much like the Greek gods of past British milliners are like a giant incestuous family.  London based Gina Foster is no exception to this rule having come straight out of the workroom of Stephen Jones via Noel Stewart and Jess Collet.

Founding her own company Gina Foster Millinery in 2006 Ms Foster has recently taken the dream step of all milliners and opened her own shop in London in 2010.

Her bang up to date and sometimes playful style has quickly caught the eye of our Royal Lovelies with Princess Beatrice sporting one of her toppers while escorting Queenie in York as part of the Jubilee Tour and Kate wearing a Foster creation to the wedding of Zara Phillips.

See all her collections past and present at or simply peruse my favourites below.

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