Monday, June 18, 2012

The Adventures of The Blue Felt Hat

Selling online has some major advantages but I think all milliners secretly dream of having bricks and mortar to call their own.  Personally I dream of having an oldskool millinery shop where shoppers are served tea, sat in pretty little mirrored booths to try on as many hats as they like as a hat is a luxury that should fit a person like a glass slipper and make them feel special.

The worst part about selling online is that I never get to meet my customer.  I don't get to explain the best hat for their face shape and I don't get to see them light up when they find the perfect hat.  An order comes in, I box it and wrap it as prettily as I can then put a stamp on and hand it over to the postman with fingers crossed.  And then I met Jane and Alex.

On the 29th Of August I sold my Navy Pleats felt cocktail hat.  The order was the same as all the others except the buyer needed the hat ASAP as it was for a wedding the following weekend.  I hastily boxed the hat, tied it with a bow and raced to the post office.  On my return I sent an email to confirm postage and ask for a few pictures of the hat at the wedding.  I had no idea what was to come.

The hat was for Alex but was being sent to her Mother Jane's house.  Alex wouldn't receive the hat until the day before the wedding so her mum was sending her updates which were being passed on to me.  The first email was simply to let me know the hat had arrived safely and in plenty of time for the wedding.  I went to bed that night thinking that would be last I would hear of my hat but happy that it had made its way across the pond in a mere two days.  The next morning however I was pleasantly surprised to see another email from Jane.  On opening the first email I almost spat my tea all over the computer I was laughing so hard.  Over the next few days these were the emails I received...

Begin forwarded message:  Well the hat has caused quite a sensation here already!  It arrived here at my house for my daughter and as you can see from the picture I made sure it had a good nights rest !! 


Begin forwarded message: ..... and a good breakfast!

Begin forwarded message:  All ready for the Toronto Marathon on Sunday!

Begin forwarded message: Oh and SOMEBODY could not wait to wear it! Alas ALex has now picked up and opened this treasure from the east, so hopefully she will send you pictures of actual HAT!  Thanks though we had fun!  Jane

A while later I did indeed receive an email from Alex with photos of the actual hat (Alex is super pretty and reminds me a little of Kate Middleton don't you think?).

Note her man in also wearing a hat as explained in the email - a photo of me and my man, so you can see the full effect! You'll note that he is also sporting a hat-when he saw mine, he realised he had to keep up. Total hat jealousy right there!

I like to think all of my customers are this enthusiastic about receiving their hats!  

These emails really made me smile so I would like to thank Alex and Jane for being so much fun :)

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