Monday, July 29, 2013

Rain...How I love you...

The last few days here in Sapporo the heavens have opened and drowned my little garden, I have never been so happy.  I am sure that one of the most common reasons for people moving abroad is to run away from the British weather but after a month of crazy heat and humidity, humidity and more humidity I have never been so relieved to wake up to Scottish dreich and drizzle.

That is not to say that the humidity has gone away and here my wardrobe stumbles.  Wearing a raincoat in any form of humidity is like walking around in a portable sauna and if you wear a skimpy top underneath to compensate you end up feeling like a PVC wrapped gimp, not nice (personal opinion, that may be your thing).

I have always been too lazy to carry an umbrella never mind when I am hot and bothered and I am bound to leave it in the first place I sit down so this weekend I am going hunting for a rain hat, hopefully one like the picture above as rain and getting to dress up like Captain Birdseye is my idea of a good day :)

Some other options:

In other news my mum went on holiday just as I ran out of teabags and I am now entering my second week of life sans Tetley.  Dandelion tea is a poor substitute so all please feel free to drop some teabags in the post, much appreciated (unless it is Liptons).

This tea is green and has c**p floating in it, do they know who I am?

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