Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Baby Boom

HUGE congrats going out to my big sister Mhairi and her partner Neil who just announced that they are expecting their first little person in January.

Now with Fran, Jam, kayla, Kayleigh, Megan, Callum, Ella and the soon to be Texas Ranger (I really hope they stick with that name as it rocks) the newest generation of the Macdonald Clan really are threatening to take over the world.

To celebrate becoming an Auntie again I thought I would post a few pictures of babies in hats but the whole photo search process devolved into a cute fest and I am now hunting for my knitting needles and hoping for a girl as a baby boy is going to hate me in years to come when every photo of him as a baby has him sporting animal ears or huge flowers on his head.

On the upside it appears that baby hats have some sort of magical power, simply place one on a child's head and they fall asleep in the cutest fashion possible.

Baby Animals

Funky Punk Babies


Flower Babies

Baby Birds

Super plus is that all these hats were found on etsy,, and so even the knitting impaired can have cute as hell babies! Yay

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