Monday, August 1, 2011

Royal wedding take 2: Zara's turn

Royal Wedding part two saw Zara Philips wed rugby player Mike Tindall in a much more down to earth wedding ceremony than the previous London extravaganza. The ceremony may have been low key but the hats on show were just as impressive and I think that nearly everyone improved on their previous efforts. To compare the brides outright would be mean as they both looked amazing on their very different wedding days but I will be Crass enough to compare tiaras.

Kate Middleton's tiara was her "something borrowed" as it was loaned to her by the Queen as is tradition at royal weddings and though it was very princessy I must say I prefer Zara Philips almost celtic crown known as the Meander Tiara which was originally given to Queen Elizabeth by her mother-in-law, Princess Alice of Batternberg, who then passed it on to Princess Anne, Zara's mother.

Next up is Mother of the Bride, Princess Anne, whom after wearing a stunning purple hat at Kate's wedding opted for an almost Japanese looking small flower which matched her lovely red floral outfit. Though it can't really be classed as a hat I can't say anything bad about Princess Anne as she is one of my favorites so hat or no hat I think she looked lovely (and a bit like an older version of my mum).

Of course Queenie rose to the occasion with her lovely soft looking pinky/peach swirly, feathery hat (these are all technical millinery terms you know) to match her outfit which I think was a major improvement on the rigid yellow hat from the dress rehearsal.

Of course everyone was eager to see what The Duchess of Cambridge (Kate) would be wearing and she didn't disappoint with the ever popular big slanted hat with flowers blossoming out the back. Proving that she is still Kate from the block she teamed this lovely hat with a brocade coat by Jane Troughton which she wore at both the 2006 wedding of Laura Parker Bowles and May's wedding of Mel Nicholson and Oli Baker and finished the whole thing off with her trusty LK Bennet nude shoes and matching clutch which seem to have created a little fashion following all of their own based on the amount of nude shoes being paraded through the church doors.

Camilla was trying out a new version of her favourite side sweep hat and I think this is my favourite version to date as it is by far the biggest and gives her a May Queen look. The slightly miss matched choice of orchids at the base also seems like random opulance which I am all in favour of when it comes to head gear. Love it!

After the disaster that has since been daubed hat-gate I'm sure the sisters grim had many sleepless nights over what to wear to round two and came up with the sly plan of swapping colours to thoroughly confuse all of us who really aren't very sure which one is which. Both did a much better job this time however and I think that Eugenie (the one in blue last time, brown this time) should tell all those who are making fun of her new hat to take a hike as I think it looks fab (I also think she is starting to look a lot like her mother which is something no 21 year old wants to hear).

The winning hat of the day however was a tie between The Countess of Wessex' big slanty, swirly flower number and some bird from Corrie who wore an AMAZING big orange hat. Top marks to both.

These however were not the only hats on the day so below are some others that caught my eye on non-famous types.

This hat gets a spot of it's own for being one of the few big hats of the day.

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