Friday, August 3, 2012

London Hatwalk

For all you lucky people in London for the Olympics (or because you always live there) grab your funkiest hat and get your walking shoes on as, thanks to good old Boris, London is blooming in hats.  

All the lovely milliners involved

Commissioned by the Mayor of London in partnership with Grazia magazine, BT, ad the British Fashion Council Hatwalk has rounded up the best British Millinery has to offer and sent them out to hat the statues of London Town.

Speaking about his piece for George IV, Stephen Jones told Grazia: "My hat was the last to go up at 4am and I was so nervous that it would fall apart or fall off! It was so complicated to make it to scale, waterproof and stable."  

The hats were put up in the middle of the night and by the following morning two had gone missing.  William Shakespeare's baseball hat (designed by Paul Bernstock and  Thelma Speirs) is presumed stolen while Beau Brummell had his removed by London street cleaners. I presume they have now put it back?

There are 20 statues sporting new head gear handily within walking distance of each other as the map below shows.  The "hatwalk" starts at the Duke of Wellington near Hyde Park and finishes at the Duke of Wellington outside the Bank of England in the Square Mile.

There will also be copies (the real hats are being auctioned off for charity) of all the hats on display in BT House at BT London Live in Hyde Park until August 12th.

Frank Roosevelt by John Boyd and Winston Churchill by Herbert Johnson

Beau Brummell by Noel Stewart

Captain John Smith by Edwina Ibbotson

Duke of Wellington by Fiona McLean

Duke of Wellington by Ian Bennett

Sir Charles Napier by Sophie Beale

Lord Nelson by Sylvia Fletcher

Queen Victoria by Justine Smith Esquire

Robert Burns by William Chambers

William Shakespeare by Emma Fieldon

Sir Arthur Sullivan and the Lady by Gina Foster and Victoria Grant

The Young Lovers by Shirley Hex 

Sir henry Havelock by Philip Treacy

The Angel of Peace by Rachel Trever-Morgan

Charles James Fox by Pip Hackett

Francis Duke of Bedford by Piers Atkinson

King George IV by Stephen Jones

My favourite is definitely Sir Arthur Sullivan and the Lady by Gina Foster and Victoria Grant.  Which do you guys like best?

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