Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Food Glorious Food!

Sorry for the silence guys but August was a busy month for visitors from the in-laws to old friends to my Mother.  Yep, my lovely mum came all the way to Japan to visit so we packed up the camping gear and headed off on a roadtrip around Hokkaido taking in Shiretoko National Park and its bears, Lake Akan with it's Ainu craft village, Daisetsuzan National Park with its caves, waterfalls and volcanoes and some pretty impressive fireworks all rounded off with high tea at the old British Consulate in Hakodate.

Bears at Shiretoko

Our little tent right before being battered by the strongest wind I have ever experienced.

Mum at Lake Akan Ainu Village

Ainu ladies performing a song

Mt Asahidake

Shiretoko 5 lakes

But my favourite part of the whole visit was when mum opened her suitcase and handed over all the food from home I had requested.  Proper chocolate, stock cubes, Robinson's diluting juice, Bisto gravy powder, Jammie Dodgers...the list goes on.  So having just finished a cheese sandwich smothered in proper chunky Branston pickle I thought I would dedicate this blog to food and the hats that celebrate it.

Starting of course with Lady Gaga's meat hat.

Mum can't bring meat into Japan so I am still dreaming of proper sausages and bacon that has some form of taste not to mention baked beans!

It's amazing how many of these hats were seen at Ascot, who knew it was such a food lovers haven.

These are made from real chocolate, messy buy yum!

One for Casanova (I promise to make pie next time)

and one for Rhondeen

Hungry yet?  

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