Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Mononoke's Stag and Kristen Stewart's Face

So over the festive period I found myself watching Snow White and the Huntsman which only strengthened my belief that Kristen Stewart should never be allowed in a movie theatre, let alone in an actual movie, ever again.

Shockingly the movie was awful, so much so that even the amazing outfits and overly pointy crowns of the Evil Queen couldn't make up for it.

There was one stand out moment however that actually made me spit my tea all over the couch, and that was the unashamed theft of the stag scene.  As Snow White comes out of the forest she sees the big white deer that is supposed to represent the God/heart of the forest and one of the dwarves says: "No one has ever seen this before".  Well that is just a big fat lie as I am pretty sure every child in Japan from 1997 onwards has seen that stag, under that tree, on the island in the lake as it was lifted straight out of Miyazaki's Princess Mononoke.

Scene from Snow White

Stag from Princess Mononoke

I couldn't find the exact screen shot but watch the film and you will see it is exactly the same!  Not only the deer but the little white forest spirits, that lead her to the stag in the first place, are stolen.

Snow white's stolen tree spirits

Miyazaki's original tree spirits

Now I get that Hollywood borrows from Japan all the time (see star wars) but what really annoyed me was that Snow White was sooo bad and Princess Mononoke is soooo good!  It also irritates me that now people are talking about this theft, and Kristen Stewart is being mentioned in the same paragraph as Princess Mononoke and may lead to people linking them together and deciding that they should remake Princess M with Kristen Stewart as the lead. Shoot me now.

If this does happen we can at least be thankful that Princess M wears a mask so we don't actually have to look at Kristen Stewart's face so much.

Rant over.

In honour of the amazing Deer God I have collected some fabulous Stag inspired hats for you. 

I fall a little bit more in love with this man every time I look at this photo

I also found this which has to be the greatest hat stand ever made!

I feel a Ghibli appreciation blog may be coming soon...

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