Monday, March 25, 2013

Spring wa mada...?!

Usually when I haven't written anything in a while its because I have been somewhere nice or busy doing interesting things but this time, no.  Its still snowing here in Sapporo.  Still!!!  That makes 6 months of snow.  I don't mean a little dusting of sparkles or, "Yay the snow is lying lets build a snowman", I mean, cant see the table and chair in the back garden, can longer see out of the living room window, still digging the car out of the drive every morning still snowing.  I am not in hibernation any more my body clock has full on stopped working.  My skin is becoming transparent, my hair is getting so dark I am blending in with the Japanese and I am starting to think that Hades has reneged on his deal with Zeus and Persephone is never coming back from the underworld.

Once back in Uni I came home in the small hours and turned on the TV to find a very old movie about a young boy who lived with his Grandfather somewhere in 1930's America.  One day the boy woke up to find that his hair had turned green for no reason.  The boy went to school and got bullied, suspended for dying his hair and when he tried to chop it all off it grew back even greener.  In the end the Grandfather told the boy a story about how his wife had always kept a plant in the house over winter as the green reminded everyone that spring would return thus boy decided that he liked his green hair and became the symbol of hope in his little town.  Yes it was a weird movie but in the dark, cold, everlasting winter in which I now reside I find myself thinking about that boy and though I cant find green hair-dye (not even in Don Quixote the really weird shop I thought sold everything)  I can find green hats.

So put on a lovely light green hat covered in flowers, close your eyes and try to remember what the sun looks like.

Ella Gajewska Hats

Communion Millinery

Jessika Hill Accessories

K Morris Milliner

Maggie Mae Designs

Judy Bentinck millinery

Hats on Heads Millinery

Rocking Ascot Lady

Jane Taylor Millinery

Great colour blocking from Melbourne cup ladies

I know these aren't green but these ladies from The Melbourne Spring Cup looked so colourful and spring like I had to include them.

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