Thursday, February 6, 2014


If you are a regular reader of my blog (or just scroll down the page to my last post) you will know that I love colour, the brighter the better.    My basic rule is; if it looks like a jewel, I want it.  Emeralds, rubies, amethyst, sapphires...

but as spring starts to poke its head through the mud and into the world of my garden it seems that I am surrounded by pastels…

Cassia Beck

Not really my thing, I think, until google throws dream inducing images like these at me:

Maybe its because when I think of pastels I think of this:

or this:

But staring at google images until my eyes are sandpaper raw and blinking has become a conscious chore I am starting to be persuaded, due in no small part to Elle Saab and Dior.  Even Alexander McQueen sent a few pastels down the runway.

and suddenly I have gone all Mary Antoinette and am checking my pastel colour charts.

Now no one does colour like the Queen

but even she loves a bit of pastel

I think she gets it from her mum.

So the test I set myself this week was to say no to the deep purple sinamay waiting to be turned into a bright standout percher and instead embrace the My Little Pony loveliness of pastels.  Pictures of the results to come after the weekend but until then some pretty pastel toppers.

Stolen from

*Side-note; How cool is this My Little Pony!

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