Thursday, February 27, 2014

Tropical Crabs, My Muse

It's strange where designers and artists find their inspiration.  Usually it's pretty obvious where the inspiration for a design comes from; a seasonal flower, colours of the ocean and spring time blah blah blah, but last week while researching my blog on the colour coral I got completely sidetracked by crabs.

I know that lots of people will be recoiling in horror right now as, lets face it, crabs are really just spiders with shells that can grow into massive sea beasts…

I also found out that they can climb trees which is positively terrifying!

Now I am not suggesting that you go and make a hat out of a crab…

or take the idea of crab inspiration literally, although it has worked for some people before so hey if you can pull it off go for it.

But when it comes to mixing up the colour palette and rocking clashing colours these creepy little guys have it perfected!

So next time you are thinking what outfit to wear to the races, a friends wedding or the supermarket take inspiration from these little dudes and go for the pale pink with red spots and a flash of neon yellow :)

Below are some hats that made me think of crabs (in the best possible way).

Just for the record, Octopus are pretty damn funky too.

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