Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Casual meet Cocktail

My weekly bid to try and blur the cultural boundaries of hats. Brits, take note, hats can be worn everyday for anything, Japan, stick a feather in your hat and wear it with a dress.

This weeks casual look comes courtesy of the girl who sold me a pair of very nice trousers at the weekend in my local shopping center ALTA. ALTA is made up of 99% hoochie mama wear and 1% really well hidden but very funky clothing, thus you have to spend a lot of time raking through polyester, plunge neck, bling and lace type outfits but you are guaranteed phenomenal people watching.

In the cocktail hat's corner we have the reigning queen of hat wearers, Ditte Von Teese. Ditte has commented in the past that an outfit is never finished without a hat and admitted to having so many hats in her collection that she has a special room filled with them. When asked where her style came from she explained:

"I also used clothes as a way to counteract my extreme shyness when I was younger. I wore a lot of extravagant vintage hats, which can make people somewhat intimidated. I think people will only approach if they have something very, very interesting to say to the girl in the outrageous hat!"

So put on your over the top hat and avoid all the boring idiots at your next party.

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