Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Kate the mundane bride?

The Traditional Japanese wedding headdress supposedly meant to hide the brides horns from the mother-in-law.

Only three days to go until the Royal wedding and even here in Japan the TV is slowing turning into a running commentary of guests, seating plans and "what will she wear". Since the announcement of their engagement Kate has been watched with hawk like eyes by the world press and has generally been hailed as an emerging style icon which I can only hope will carry through to her wedding outfit.

When looking back at other royal weddings it is hard to find something to say about the dresses: they are white, puffy and have a long veil. This applies not just to our British Royals but pretty much every counterpart including the recent royal weddings in Denmark and Sweden. The only standout exceptions being the marriage of Spain's Crown Prince Felipe to news reader Letizia Oritz who wore a very simple slim cut dress though maintained the long white veil

and of course the ever beautiful Grace Kelly in her 1956 wedding to Prince Rainier III of Monaco who wore a stunning beaded dress with an almost medieval lace veil (her slightly alternative wedding dress may however have had something to do with it being made by the wardrobe department of MGM).

The lack of inspiring wedding dresses isn't just a Royal problem. Having planned my own wedding last year I am well aware of the mediocracy and sameness that dominates the wedding industry and so to help Kate out a little I have put together some alternative options for her wedding day. With three days to go it may be too late to do much about the dress but I am sure Mr Treacy could knock you up a hat in no time.

My first suggestion is to loose the veil and rock up in an amazing hat (bet you weren't expecting me to say that) like these by Japanese designer Hisako Takayama

Flowers and feathers and bows, oh my...(said in a Dorothy-esque way)

Hippie chic perhaps with the ever funky headband.

Or keep the veil but just make it a bit more interesting with an ultra-veil!

You could even go Lady Gaga with a hair hat?

Ok, so maybe some of these suggestions are a little much to expect from a Queen to be but I will be watching the BBC world service on Friday hoping that when the golden carriage door opens a puffy white diamonte (or possibly the real deal?) dress with full length train and white veil is not what emerges. After all this fanfare and build up, please don't be a mundane Bride Kate.

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