Thursday, April 18, 2013

Funeral Hats Part 2

I wasn't going to write anything about Margaret Thatcher passing as her bouffant hair meant she was rarely seen in a hat and my Grandfather taught me that if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all (granted its not always a rule I follow) but as I love a little pomp and ceremony I found myself watching the funeral and being caught completely off guard by all the hats.

In my post Where did all the funeral hats go? written after Amy Winehouse's death I wrote about the demise of the funeral hat and how I longed for its comeback and it seems that it has.  The only other large ceremonial funeral I have seen is that of Princess Diana and I don't remember hats?  A quick internet search shows me there were hats on heads:

but the lasting image of that day was of the boys of the family and everything else was forgotten, hats and all.

But this funeral was more akin to that of Winston Churchill's funeral where every female head was hatted.

Like in this photo the ruling hat of the day was the Jackie O style pillbox stuck to the back of the head.  This may be due to Downton Oldskool hats coming back in to fashion but there were a few small perchers on show and a lot of veiling which in my opinion is a must for a funeral hat.

Best hat of the day award goes to Katherine Jenkins

Quickly followed by this guy

The Thatcher family

Carol Thatcher seemed to have trouble keeping her hat on as it was falling forward by the end of the service.

Mark Thatcher and his wife Sarah

Amanda Thatcher in a rather bulbous hat which she somehow manages to pull off.
It is often said that the most important thing about a hat is the woman under it and this is a perfect case of a hat that shouldn't look good but does as she carries it with such poise.

Ffion Hague was in a lovely simple but striking velvety hat.

While Cherie channelled the Dowager Countess

Samantha Cameron has been getting a lot of flak for her Thatcher inspired Mary Poppins look and she is yet to wear a hat I like, this is another meh moment.

Sarah Howard and Norma Major chose more traditional conservative brimmed hats.

and Joan Collins looked chic and stylish as always.

Francis Osbourne entered the Jackie O contest.

While Miriam Clegg went understated statement, very European.

This lady with Lord Gowrie (I assume his wife) went full on veil and I like it!

There were a few questionable choices too like this lady who decided that bright red was a good idea?

And one Lady, of whom I couldn't find a picture, who chose to wear a purple and white flowery dress with a purple hat and thus looked like a left over from the Royal Wedding.  Wrong invite or a purposeful protest or maybe she was off to Danderhall after the service?

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