Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Vintage Swim Caps

The sun has been out for a whole week.  Nearly all the snow has melted and I planted out my veggie patch at the weekend.  I think I can officially say that spring is here :)

As the weather has gotten warmer and my many layers of woolly jumpers have come off I have been surprised at how much of the padding was me and not wool.  It appears that, like a good little seal pup, I fattened up to help keep warm over the winter so now that spring is here some damage control is called for before the summer wardrobe will get an airing (or fit).  So it is off to the swimming pool for me.

In Japan when you go to a swimming pool everyone must wear a swim cap.  Mine is bright red an makes me look like a rooster which generally adds to the love I have for my swimming outfit (please read in a sarcastic tone).  On top of the aesthetic value, or lack there of, my swim cap is pretty useless as the Japanese wear them to keep hair out of the pool not to keep your hair dry so you still emerge from the swimming pool looking like a chlorine soaked rat.

They say all fashions come back around and so I am putting this out there for the fashion powers that be to take note and bring back the amazing swim caps of yesteryear.

What do you guys think?  Dead and buried or due a revival?

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