Wednesday, April 17, 2013

That flower in your hair...

The snow has finally started to melt in my garden, which granted now looks less like a garden and more like the boggy moor of Lewis, and today the first flower of the year broke through the waterlogged mush of old leaves and bloomed.

This little spot of purple got me thinking about all the flowers of summer to come which in turn got me to thinking about floral head wreaths.

Maybe not to the extent on Ms Gaga but my weekly trend check of wedding blogs seems to be showing that the alternative bride is moving away from the birdcage veil, which has reigned supreme for the last few years of vintage wedding love, and toward the romantic naturalism of Mucha.

Its funny that when a fashion trend comes back around we always seem to forget how awful we used to think it looked and this is no exception.  The idea of floral head monstrosities at weddings brings back memories of horrid poofy 80s weddings where wreaths had been stolen off doors and plonked on brides heads but the new trend, whether due to better photos, hair or dresses, is dreamy beautiful.

Kate Moss though not wearing one herself used flowers beautifully for her bridal party

You can even get the whole family involved.

The best part is you don't have to be a bride to rock this look as it is perfect for a summer boho festival look.

What do you guys think Queen of the fairies gone horribly wrong or romantic loveliness at its finest?

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