Friday, March 18, 2011

Casual meet Cocktail

Being a milliner in Japan is a world of contradictions. For me, being Scottish, hats are for weddings, the races and special occasions. Wearing anything other than a baseball cap, beanie or at a push a beret is still seen as being brave and unique. Here in Japan on the other hand, hats are worn everywhere, by everyone, everyday. However the thought of wearing a hat to a wedding or event is still a complete taboo. The contradiction for me lies in the fact that I am surrounded by hats everyday yet despite my best efforts and numerous drives to Tokyo I cannot source hat making supplies such as buckram, sinamey and crin.

The hat wearing habits of the Japanese however can only be seen as a good thing and I have made it my mission to mix up the cultures by starting a regular post like the one below featuring pictures of Japanese hats I find out and about in Niigata and some pics of my favorite fancy hats from home.

So here is the first. From Japan, a couple of unsuspecting girls I found outside my local supermarket a few nights ago on my way to buy milk, rocking trilby's and my lovely Mother and sisters at a family wedding waving the flag for awesome fancy hats!

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