Thursday, March 10, 2011

Men Rocking Hats

So the latest round of fashion weeks have left me with a big grin on my face due to the amount of hats on show, and most of them on men. Designers like the Caten twins for Dsquared, Dai Fujiwara for Issey Miyake and Massimiliano Giornetti for Ferragamo all sent their boys down the catwalk with their heads adorned in a range of stetson types, toppers and squishy looking things as well as some 1920 classics found only in the back of cigar bars on the guy in the full length smoking jacket. According to a recent New York Times article 40% of hats sold Stateside are mens and so I have put together a wee collection of hat wearing boys and hope this trend will continue.

Ben Johnston of Biffy Clyro, Justin Timberlake, Samuel L. Jackson, Steven Tyler, Popey, Hugh Jackman, Colin Farrell, Brad Pitt.

My Favorite hat wearer however has got to be this guy!

In my search for men in hats I was a little suprised to find that lots of guys I assumed would be hat fans never seemed to have their heads covered and so in an attempt to convince them how much cooler they would be in a hat I did a little Pheigiimposing...

Dave I understand that your hair is soft and shinny and blows in the wind like a Timotei ad when you walk but really a hat would draw more attention to your flowing locks not distract from them!

You too Joseph Gordon Levitt, you may have freaked us all out by growing up when we weren't watching thus changing from that guy in third rock from the sun into that pretty hot guy in Inception but the transformation would be so much more complete if followed through on the waistcoats and pocket watches with a wee hat every now and again.

Come on boys hat up!

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